Example Schema: Fixed Width Columnar Records (Patent)

This is another example of columnar data. This is the format of the data that is loaded into the patent table of the default database distributed with Texis.

user     PUBLIC
database /tmp/testdb
table    patent
datefmt yy-mm-dd
#       Name            Type            Tag
field   pdate           date            1-8
field   pcountry        char(12)        10-21
field   pnumber         long            23-29
field   pabstract       varchar(500)    31-

Here is an example record. There is a small collection of patent data in this format that comes with Texis in the /usr/local/morph3/api/mmex2.dat .

82-11-30 US           4361718 The n-type region of a silicon solar
cell is metallized with a nickel-antimony alloy to provide an
external contact.

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