Example Schema: Columnar Records, Incrementing Numbers, Field Lengths

This example demonstrates several features. It reads columnar records. It inserts incrementing numbers into the Recno and Recno2 fields. It inserts the length of the Who field into the LWho field. It inserts the combined length of the Who and What fields into the LText field.

database /tmp/testdb
table    log
datefmt  yy-mm-dd HHMM
#       Name            Type            Tag     Default value
field   Date            date            1-13
field   Future          char            14
field   Who             varchar         15-22
field   What            varchar         24-
field   LWho            int             -       Who
field   LText           int             -       Who+What
field   Recno           long            -       #
field   Recno2          float           -       #100

Here is sample data for the above schema.

95-04-21 1300 mike     john smith - acme rockets, called for
pricing info
95-04-21 1301 bob      jane doe - text 'r' us, called for joe,
regarding ret'ing some voice mail software
95-04-21 1800*sally    remember telephone maintenance tomorrow

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