Example Schema: Fixed Width Columnar Records

This example demonstrates use of the special "col" (or columnar) format. Each record is on one line. Each field resides in specific character columns.

database /tmp/testdb
table    log
datefmt  yy-mm-dd HHMM
#       Name    Type            Tag
field   Date    date            1-13
field   Future  char            14
field   Who     varchar         15-22
field   What    varchar         24-

Here is sample data for the above schema. (some lines have been wrapped to fit on the page)

95-04-21 1300 mike     john smith - acme rockets, called for price
95-04-21 1301 bob      jane doe - text 'r' us, called for joe,
regarding ret'ing some voice mail software
95-04-21 1800*sally    remember telephone maintenance tomorrow

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