The Webinator™ Web Index & Retrieval System

Document search engine software & website index system

Webinator search engine software

The Webinator Web Index & Retrieval System is a highly customizable website search engine software package that allows a Website administrator to easily create and deploy a high quality search interface to collections of web documents.

With support for multiple collections, a single installation can serve searches for many websites, or different areas within a website, and a customizable thesaurus or synonym file allows users to find documents even if the terminology they use is different from that on the site.

Webinator serves as an example of the type of applications that can be built around Thunderstone's Texis RDBMS and Web Script.

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Our website search engine software provides many benefits for administrators and users.

Administrator benefits of Webinator:
  • Fully customizable search interface with XML and SOAP support
  • Flexible: indexes multiple sites into one common index, or separate indexes for separate searches
  • Detailed verification and logging of document linkages
  • Index/update documents while search is in use
  • SQL query interface to the database for maintenance and reports
  • Multiple index engines run concurrently against a common database
  • Adobe Acrobat / PDF file support, with highlighting of hits within AcrobatReader
  • Adobe Shockwave/Flash file support
  • 100+ word processor and file formats
User benefits of Webinator:
  • Simple navigation
  • Spelling suggestions and as-you-type query completions
  • Powerful and easy to use query syntax for:
    • Natural language
    • Set logic
    • Special pattern matchers (regular expressions, quantities, fuzzy patterns)
    • Relevance ranking
    • Proximity controls
  • Document similarity searches (Doc Surfing)
  • Link reference reports
  • In-context result listings

Webinator 17.0 Enhancements:

  • Drop-in JavaScript interface added: search may be added directly to a site simply by adding a script to any HTML page
  • Results may be narrowed to those that link to a specific URL, via link: query syntax
  • More Parametric facets may be created: limit is now 50 instead of 25

Four versions of the Webinator are available.  If you need additional features or capabilities for your search engine software then the full Texis product is also available (includes the Webinator application).

features Free
Page Limit (per index) 10,000 20,000 50,000 200,000 200,001+
Hit Limit (per day) 10,000 10,000 25,000 25,000 25,001+
Tech support message board message board
voice & email with maintenance
Intranet able1
Thunderstone logo
Visible Copyright & Title Insertion
File Format plug-in2
JavaScript plug-in
Price FREE (forever) $1,490 USD $2,990 USD $6,990 USD Contact us
    Upgrade pricing valid until May 15 2015
Upgrade from Version 6   $268 USD $538 USD $1,258 USD Contact us
Upgrade from Version 5   $500 USD $1,000 USD $2,500 USD Contact us

1The free version must be able to contact internet server

2The File Format plug-in is required to process Adobe Acrobat PDF/Shockwave/Flash, and Word Processor files.

All free and paid versions support SSL/HTTPS and spell-checking.


"I love [Webinator]. I've used it for years and recommended it as part of the consulting work I do."

Aaron Aufderheide Systems Engineer/Developer The Ohio State University
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