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More Information about Webinator

Technical Support

Webinator technical support is handled by a web message board.

Anyone may browse and search the message board. You must sign up to post messages however: click on "Login to post", and from there you will be able to sign up. Once you are signed up you may post questions and comments. You may also subscribe to periodic email notifications of new postings.

Visit the Thunderstone Tech Support Message Board for technical support.

Things you need to know:

  • The Webinator binaries are available for the following platforms (hover over choices for more info):
    Other platforms may become available based on demand. Send us a request if you do not see yours, maybe we'll have it soon.

  • The free Webinator must have direct Internet access to ls.thunderstone.com on port 80 to run. (That may seem obvious, but some organizations have internal webs behind firewalls and proxies that block outbound port 80.) The Webinator checks with Thunderstone to validate its license.

  • We strongly urge you to be polite when indexing other people's Web servers. Like any web crawler, the Webinator can be abusive if mis-handled.

  • You must submit a registration form for each machine that will run the software.

  • If you have purchased and installed a full Texis distribution, do not install this package onto the same machine. You may install it on a different machine. To use Webinator on an existing Texis installation, use the Webinator scripts that came with it (or contact tech support for updates) — they contain more functionality than the Free Webinator scripts.

  • This version of Webinator creates indexes that should not be accessed or modified by version 5 or earlier, if the data contains Unicode/international/hi-bit characters.


"The access to the source code and the flexibility of Webinator were definitely both something of value to us. Basically, we could not have done what we did without it."

Jesus Carrillo Director of Information Technology Trade Press Publishing Corporation
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