Webinator Extras

Other Useful Scripts

Meta Search Engine & Parser
This allows you to create a metasearch engine similar to those found at Dogpile.com or Metacrawler.com. A parser generator is available to help you create new kinds of Metasearches as well.
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Fast Adhoc Web Log Statistics Report
This tool is a very quick way to generate reports from your web-server log file. It shows: total hits, hits by host, hits by URL, hits by referrer, and hits by browser type. It can be used in real-time to see action on your server from a number different perspectives.
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Directory Tree
An admin script for producing a site map from a Webinator 4+ database. It prints every URL in the database, with a list of links from that page under each.
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Batch Walk and System Info
A tool for getting information from Webinator or a Search Appliance that would normally require interactively logging into the the web admin interface using a web browser. This script will log into the web interface, visit information pages, and summarize what it finds. Customize it to grab and display information you need. It currently does the following:
  • Download the query log in XLS (tab separated) format.
  • Summarize the query log giving click-over ratio, bad search ratio, top 10 queries, top 10 query words, top 10 clients.
  • Walk status: indicate how many pages walked in the last hour and walk start time.
  • System (appliance only): Check for database errors, show load average and warn if high, show disk space and warn if low.
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"The setup and deployment of Webinator is extremely easy and straightforward. All the core functionality is there plus the ability to access the source code and be as creative and as customized as your capabilities will let you be. In other words, Thunderstone doesn't hold you back. Thunderstone lets you take the product to whatever level you're ready, willing and able to take it. For that reason we've stuck with it, we've used it, and it's been great in that regard. That's not something you're going to get from the Googles of the world."

Jesus Carrillo Director of Information Technology Trade Press Publishing Corporation
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