Thunderstone Releases Search Appliance Version 15

CLEVELAND, OH, November 2, 2015 — Improving the quality of search for intranet, public facing websites and aggregator sites -- Search Appliance Version 15 is here.

New crawl features include

Performance improvements indexing many sites at once
If you are creating a search that indexes many different websites the performance of the indexing has been improved. This will allow for more frequent indexing of such indexes.
MIME type enforcement
When crawling across many sites you may find that the web server may still return content that does not match the Mime Types requested. The setting will now be enforced by the crawler, which can help eliminate a lot of unwanted content from a crawl.
Client Certificate option
The crawler can be given a client SSL certificate to use when crawling HTTPS sites, allowing crawling of sites that use client SSL certificates for authentication.

New search features include

Quotes for Literal option
Allows you to change the meaning of quoting a search term from creating a phrase that is still subject to the normal thesaurus, word form and other linguistic processing to searching for exactly what you typed in, although still case-insensitive.
Improved HTML Highlighting
Lets users see the results in the original HTML for better contextual information with support for more complex HTML.


Search Appliance Version 15 is available to all Search Appliance and Parametric Search Appliance customers who have a current maintenance plan by following the menu System / System Setup / Update Software.

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