Company Information

Thunderstone Software LLC, a privately held company located in Cleveland, Ohio, develops and markets a suite of software applications and tools that search, manage, filter and retrieve information for individuals and global enterprises. Thunderstone's products are licensed to corporations, government agencies, online service providers, Internet publishers and developers worldwide.

From 1980-1995 most of Thunderstone's product licenses were embedded within OEM packages developed and sold by other organizations. Notable examples include Wordperfect Corp., Dow Jones, C3 - Telos, SAIC, EDS, and Novell Networks. The increased popularity of Internet search technology substantially raised Thunderstone's profile in large single-site applications like those at eBay, Amazon, Dogpile, Advance Publications, Pactel, Associated Press, Hotjobs, Altavista, Ziff-Davis, Bill Gates' Corbis and others.

Thunderstone remains dedicated to its mission of product-oriented R&D within the area of advanced Information Retrieval and Management. Its steadfast high-quality, low-profile approach is intended to attract and retain a more educated and discriminating client base. Many new vendors of retrieval technology have surfaced within the past few years, but at this time no other company possesses the product depth and scope to deliver a solution as robust, reliable and well-equipped as Thunderstone.

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