Thunderstone Releases Texis Version 6

CLEVELAND, OH — The leading development environment for full-text database search applications just got even better -- Texis Version 6 is here.

New features available in Texis 6 include:

  • More intuitive searches, including Unicode support and accent-insensitive queries:
    This improves non-English searches; e.g. "cœur" will also match "coeur", "resume" will match "resumé".
  • Improved XML/XSLT support, including a new API for building XML based applications more easily.
  • HTTP/1.1 support including gzip compression to reduce crawl times and bandwidth utilization:
    Reduces load on targeted servers, and potentially allows access to more content.
  • Enhanced options for showing search results, including multiple snippets and styled highlighting:
    Shows more query-relevant text in results, and allows full customization of query term presentation.
  • And much more: see the full list of new features here.

For almost 30 years Thunderstone Software has been dedicated to providing the best search solutions possible to government, corporate, and non-profit customers, with exceptional service and devotion to finding the right solution for the customer.

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