State and Local Governments Offered Search Appliance Savings Program

CLEVELAND, OH — State and local governments are being offered a chance to reduce their IT budget by buying search solutions at the same price the Federal government negotiated, while at the same time gaining a level of customer service and flexibility that consistently surpasses the levels that have become the industry norm. In addition to these savings they will also save by only needing to license once compared to other solutions that require never-ending periodic relicensing.

The Thunderstone family of search solutions provides the following benefits:

  • Knowledgeable and accessible technical support. If you have a question or need any assistance call one of our qualified engineers.
  • A perpetual license, which means once you have the solution you never have to repurchase it.
  • Full trade-in credit if you need to expand your license.
  • A flexible range of solutions designed to work the way you want, including appliances, virtual appliances, software and hosted SaaS models.

For almost 30 years Thunderstone Software has been dedicated to providing the best search solutions possible to government, corporate, and non-profit customers, with exceptional service and devotion to finding the right solution for the customer.

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