KMWorld Selects Thunderstone Search Appliance as a "Trend-Setting Product" for 2009

Powerful, Yet Affordable Line of Search Appliances Continues to Impress

CLEVELAND, OH — Thunderstone Software LLC announced today that KMWorld, a publishing unit of Information Today, Inc., has included the Thunderstone Search Appliance on KMWorld's list of 2009 Trend Setting Products. The annual Trend-Setting Products awards began in 2003. This year KMWorld assessed more than 800 nominated products via a judging panel made up of editorial colleagues, analysts, system integrators, vendors, line-of-business managers and users. According to KMWorld, the 130 products selected all demonstrate clearly identifiable technology breakthroughs that serve the vendors' full spectrum of constituencies – especially customers.

"We've been helping small, medium-sized and large organizations throughout the world to solve their own unique data access and retrieval challenges for 28+ years. So, we understand better than most what works and what doesn't," said John Turnbull, CEO of Thunderstone. "We feel honored to have received this recognition by KMWorld for the ongoing practical innovations we continue to build into our popular line of Thunderstone Search Appliances."

The Thunderstone Search Appliance is a plug-and-play device combining the simplicity of a hosted service with the security and performance of a local solution. Built on Thunderstone's advanced Texis software, the Appliance can handle more than 1,000 typical queries a minute – providing excellent value without adding administrative overhead.

The Thunderstone Parametric Search Appliance combines the flexibility and power of Texis with the ease of use of an appliance. It provides an easy way to create applications that combine full-text and structured data without programming.

Whether configured as a Thunderstone Search Appliance SBE (Small Business Edition,) a Thunderstone Search Appliance (Enterprise Edition) or a Thunderstone Parametric Search Appliance, the Appliance comes with:

  • a one-time, perpetual license that often saves customers 40-60 percent (or more) compared to Thunderstone's competitors
  • two years of bundled maintenance, easily extended for additional years at affordable annual rates
  • superior technical support from software engineers readily accessible to customers by phone, email and message board
  • no restrictions on indexing third-party websites for user-empowering applications and for competitive intelligence purposes
  • ability to fully search targeted repositories (file servers, web servers, intranet/portal servers, database servers, application databases, etc.) and to handle files indexed from crawling JavaScript links, files in XML format and files that exceed 30 MB in size
  • an attractive Product Investment Protection Program that makes upgrading a breeze, applying 100 percent of the initial Thunderstone product's purchase price to any desired upgrade

Reporters, editors, analysts, I.T. integrators, solution providers, value-added resellers and prospective customers who would like to see the Thunderstone Search Appliance "in action" may phone Thunderstone at +1 216 820 2200, Monday - Friday, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Eastern Time, to arrange a free and personalized product demo. After the scheduled demo, you may also request shipment of a pre-configured Thunderstone Search Appliance that you can thoroughly evaluate in your own unique environment for up to 30 days.

"We use the Thunderstone Search Appliance to crawl, index and search Word files, PDFs and other content in our law firm's internal document management system. The Appliance gives us a lot of customization options in the way it operates, with excellent control over precisely what we want to make searchable and what we don't want included. It does everything we need it to do. You can just plug it in and forget about it. It works great."

Michael E. Salopek
I.T. Manager
Janik, Dorman & Winter, L.L.P.

"We use a Thunderstone Search Appliance to search our company intranet. It has been a very valuable product to us. Overall, the product is very nice. And with all the customization options, we were able to make the search engine perform the way we wanted it to. Great job on delivering a great product."

Jeremy Townsend
Programmer/Internet Analyst
Perdue Farms Inc.

"Our decision to buy and deploy three Thunderstone Search Appliances saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars in development costs."

Kevin J. Payne
Director of System Applications
U.S. General Services Administration

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