Thunderstone Offers Version 7 of the Thunderstone Search Appliance

Superior Technical Support Continues to Drive Further Product Enhancements

CLEVELAND, OH — Thunderstone Software LLC has released Version 7 of the Thunderstone Search Appliance, adding a number of desirable new features — which also apply to Thunderstone Parametric Search Appliances and to Thunderstone's entire line of Appliance products. These performance enhancements include:

  • Faster URL Category Searching
    Thunderstone has provided a new Appliance setting to improve URL category search speed when categories are distinct/non-overlapping (i.e., when no URL belongs to more than one category.)
  • Enhanced Federated Search (Thunderstone Meta Search)
    Search users can now select which back-end profiles to actually search, from a list configured by their Appliance administrator.
  • Character Match Mode
    Non-English/Unicode character support is greatly improved with this setting, which not only allows case-insensitive searching of foreign characters but also enables ignore-accents ("e" matches "é"), ligature expansion ("oe" matches "œ") and more.
  • Language Analysis Module
    An optional feature for Appliance owners who pay to have it activated, this setting improves CJK (Chinese/Japanese/Korean) searches with extra processing to put spaces between words so they can be found without wildcards when adjacent to others.
  • MySQL in DB Walker
    Thunderstone has added support for crawling MySQL databases to its DB Walker — which already supported Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase and PostgreSQL databases. Administrators can schedule the Appliance to automatically perform a database crawl just as they can for file servers, web servers, intranet servers, etc. And, as always, they have the ability to stop/pause database crawls in the same way they can with any other crawl.
  • Updated "Look and Feel"
    As well as receiving some improvement from having its text slightly reorganized, the administrative interface of the Appliance also now employs Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for more modern HTML usage.

The Thunderstone Search Appliance is a plug-and-play device combining the simplicity of a hosted service with the security and performance of a local solution. Built on Thunderstone's advanced Texis software, the Appliance can handle more than 1,000 typical queries a minute — providing excellent value without adding administrative overhead.

The Thunderstone Parametric Search Appliance combines the flexibility and power of Texis with the ease of use of an appliance. It provides an easy way to create applications that combine full-text and structured data without programming.

Whether configured as a Thunderstone Search Appliance SBE (Small Business Edition,) a Thunderstone Search Appliance (Enterprise Edition) or a Thunderstone Parametric Search Appliance, the Appliance comes with:

  • a one-time, perpetual license that saves customers 40-60 percent (or more) compared to Thunderstone's closest competitor
  • two years of included maintenance, easily extended for additional years at affordable annual rates
  • superior technical support from software engineers readily accessible to customers by phone, email and message board
  • no restrictions on indexing third-party websites for user-empowering applications and for competitive intelligence purposes
  • ability to fully search targeted repositories (file servers, web servers, intranet/portal servers, database servers, application databases, etc.) and to handle files that exceed 30 MB in size
  • an attractive Product Investment Protection Program that makes upgrading a breeze, applying 100 percent of the initial Thunderstone product's purchase price to any desired upgrade

All Thunderstone customers with current Appliance maintenance agreements in place automatically qualify to receive the downloadable Version 7 software update.

Reporters, editors, analysts, I.T. integrators/resellers and prospective customers who would like to see the Thunderstone Search Appliance “in action” may phone Thunderstone at +1 216 820 2200, Monday - Friday, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Eastern Time, to arrange a free and personalized product demo. After the scheduled demo, you may also request shipment of a pre-configured Thunderstone Search Appliance that you can thoroughly evaluate in your own unique environment for up to 30 days.

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