Today's organizations have a mix of structured information such as in databases and unstructured text in documents, but most of their tools only effectively use one or the other set of data -- leaving a lot of potential value unrecognized.

Thunderstone Software LLC (, a long-time industry R&D leader in providing extremely robust search solutions to organizations ranging from internet giants such as eBay and HotJobs to small NGOs and sole-proprietors, will present a FREE September 3, 2008 webinar that reveals some remarkably affordable and easy-to-implement answers to the growing problem of accessing and retrieving all your important data.

"3 Powerful Advantages That SQL Brings To Structured And Unstructured Search"

The webinar highlights three major competitive advantages of an SQL-enabled search platform, including:

  • The flexibility of Structured Query Language to express complex queries
  • A large base of developers who already know how to write SQL queries
  • SQL's ad-hoc nature that allows applications to meet new needs easily

For more details and information on how you can register for the FREE September 3, 2008 webinar exploring "3 Powerful Advantages That SQL Brings To Structured And Unstructured Search," email or call Peter Thusat at +1 216 820 2200.

About Thunderstone
Thunderstone Software LLC ( pioneered simultaneous searching of both structured and unstructured data with the Texis relational database optimized for full-text search. Texis, the innovative development platform behind Thunderstone's entire line of enterprise search products, is the only fully-integrated SQL RDBMS that intelligently queries and manages databases containing natural language text, standard data types, geographic information, images, video, audio and other payload data. Thunderstone first released and began marketing the Texis RDBMS in 1992.

Since 1981 Thunderstone has continued to develop its global reputation as provider of the world's most powerful, scalable and flexible enterprise search solutions.

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