Thunderstone Offers "Automated Tagging" Option For Thunderstone Search Appliances

Integrates Entity Extraction With Guided Navigation During The Creation Of Search Indexes

CLEVELAND, OH – November 12, 2007 – Thunderstone Software LLC ( has licensed Inxight Software's SmartDiscovery Awareness Server and ThingFinder Professional SDK -- which intelligently identifies and extracts key entities (or “things”) from any text-data source. Now Thunderstone customers can add this valuable option to their Thunderstone Search Appliances, providing even better contextual query results with built-in recognition of “People,” “Places” and “Organizations” in the searched data.

Looking for a way to more quickly and accurately access valuable BI data residing in disparate forms and locations across an enterpise, Thunderstone wanted to improve actionable query results on the Thunderstone Search Appliance platform by incorporating “entity extraction with guided navigation” technology that automatically creates metadata based on the content of indexed documents.

Unlike others who have licensed similar tools from Inxight Software, Thunderstone has integrated these guided navigation capabilities into the actual crawling technology of the Thunderstone Search Appliances. Instead of applying on-the-fly entity extraction to filter the results of searches as queries are executed, Thunderstone Search Appliances apply the appropriate entity tags to all relevant data during the creation of the search indexes.

By eschewing the post-query “results filtering” approach to entity extraction and opting to take fuller advantage of automated meta-tagging at the time the indexing process takes place, the Thunderstone Search Appliances enable users to more rapidly and thoroughly search the entire contents of all included documents.

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