Thunderstone Parametric Search Appliance Lets Users Dig Deeper

Brings More Texis SQL Advantages in an Easy-To-Implement Appliance

CLEVELAND, OH - November 6, 2007 - Thunderstone Software LLC ( has added customizable “sort by” and “group by” capabilities to the Thunderstone Parametric Search Appliance, further enhancing this newest product in Thunderstone's innovation-leading line of powerful and flexible enterprise search solutions.

Parametric or attribute-enhanced search helps users narrow down their field of search in an attempt to increase the chances of finding relevant information. It provides context to results that are based on unstructured information, and it allows an administrator or user to sort results in the most meaningful way.

For example, you may be searching for information on a particular subject but are only interested in results written by a specific author and published within a certain timeframe. The parameters (defined attributes) of “author” and “publish date“ help narrow the search for the precise information you want. Keyword, full-text search alone does not offer this opportunity.

Another example would be a search for a particular product-item description across an entire enterprise. Keyword, full-text search will certainly provide a good list of results from a variety of documents and content sources. But, what if you were only interested in the item's occurrence within a specific document type (say, a PO,) and one that was issued after a certain date and by a specific purchasing agent? Keyword, full-text search simply cannot provide this context for the information you're pursuing.

The Thunderstone Parametric Search Appliance can index and make searchable large quantities of full-text data with defined attributes, as well as targeted web content, file server-based content, application database content and other enterprise-based content in a variety of popular formats. Key features of the new Appliance include:

  • SQL plus Full-Text Search - Supporting full-text key word searches combined with a user-selected “filter” on up to 50 data fields, the Thunderstone Parametric Search Appliance allows complex queries utilizing standard SQL commands while also taking advantage of capabilities such as concept-based, fuzzy logic, full-text searching and “bounded box” geographic searching.
  • Sorting and Grouping - Administrators and searchers can optimize ‘findability’ by specifying how they want the Thunderstone Parametric Search Appliance to sort and/or group its query results. Results can be sorted and grouped by any defined attributes in the data, and any of the available fields can be used to provide navigation links enabling the searcher to browse the results.
  • Convenient Data Integration - The DataLoad API allows data to be populated from any source, and a wide variety of connectors have been developed for many common enterprise data sources. In addition, the Appliance can directly access existing databases. And built-in, advanced extraction tools can extract data from web pages or files that already exist.

The Thunderstone Parametric Search Appliance provides an easy way to create applications that combine SQL structured queries with advanced full-text retrieval without programming. It delivers more of the power of Thunderstone Texis on a quickly deployed and easily maintained Appliance platform. Now organizations can have the application they want for less time and effort than they believed possible.

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