Cleveland, Ohio, Jan. 27, 2005 -- Thunderstone Software announced a new version of its Search Appliance aimed at the small business market. The new product is called Small Business Edition (SBE) and provides a search of up to 50,000 documents or web pages.

The Search Appliance SBE is available for a total investment of only $4,995, which includes support and maintenance for two years. Its closest competitor costs $7,495 including support for two years.

Thunderstone Search Appliances provide a turn-key search solution for intranets or web sites. They index many document formats including word processing; PDF; presentations; and most anything found on the web. The Appliances can be extensively customized by means of browser menus administered by a non-technical user.
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The Appliance SBE offers many unique features not found in other search appliances, including the ability to:

  • Index any third-party information from the internet;
  • Perform "wildcard" searches;
  • Add or remove documents from the index instantly;
  • Crawl file systems directly without webserver software;
  • Combine results from multiple collections ("metasearch");
  • Index JavaScript and Flash content.
  • Raise capacity by remote upgrade.

The Appliance SBE contains most features of Thunderstone's enterprise-level versions, which index 250,000 pages and up. This includes the innovative Adaptive Indexing process, which conserves network resources by determining automatically how often each item needs to be updated.

The SBE optionally can be upgraded to a 250,000- or 500,000-document version. In upgrading, the SBE purchase price is credited in full against the cost of the larger capacity version.

All Thunderstone Search Appliance versions allow customers to index third-party information, such as government or industry web sites. This policy enables customers to create unique targeted collections of web information for their users or for competitive intelligence.

The Thunderstone Search Appliance SBE is ordered directly through Thunderstone's web site. For more information, visit or call +1 216-820-2200. For government buyers, Thunderstone's GSA contract number is GS-35F-0914P.


Thunderstone Software LLC is a pioneer of search engine technology, providing text retrieval products to industry, government, and educational institutions since 1981. Thunderstone's TEXIS text-oriented relational database technology powers the Search Appliance, or may be licensed separately. Applications of TEXIS include online publishing; catalogs; classified advertising; document management; text mining; categorization; intelligence, and web indexing.

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