Cleveland, Ohio -- June 11, 2004 -- Web and intra-net administrators have a new solution for out-of-date search indexes. Adaptive Indexing, an innovative new feature of the Thunderstone Search Appliance, keeps site and enterprise indexes fresher and more accurate than ever before.

Adaptive Indexing uses a learning algorithm to index each document or web page according to a different schedule. The software discovers automatically which items need more frequent updating. The index is updated incrementally -- as often as every minute -- so that users find what they need reliably and quickly.

"Adaptive Indexing represents a significant advance in commercial search software," said Doran Howitt, Thunderstone's Vice President of Marketing. "Other search products must crawl an entire collection or web site on a uniform schedule. That may take too much time and bandwidth to do more than once a day, or even once a week. Adaptive Indexing conserves time and bandwidth, allowing index refreshing to be performed on an ongoing basis."

The Thunderstone Search Appliance is a turn-key solution designed for easy deployment and administration on intra-nets or web sites. It indexes most document formats including word processor files, PDFs, presentations, JavaScript and Flash content. The Search Appliance can be extensively customized by means of menus controlled by a business manager.

Adaptive Indexing is available in the new version 5 of the Thunderstone Search Appliance, available immediately. For more information, visit or call +1 216-820-2200.


Thunderstone Software LLC is a pioneer of search engine technology, providing text retrieval products to industry, government, and educational institutions since 1981.

Thunderstone's Texis software is at the heart of the Search Appliance. Texis is the most versatile platform for search application development, uniquely integrating natural language and relevance ranking with structured SQL relational database indexing. Texis is ideal for search requirements where large result sets must be sorted by metadata values or grouped into categories.

Applications of Thunderstone technology include publishing; catalogs; classified advertising; document management; text mining; categorization; and intelligence. Thunderstone's products are used on thousands of web sites worldwide. Major customers include eBay, Corbis, QVC,, ZDNet, and HotJobs.

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