Cleveland, Ohio, May 30, 2002 -- Thunderstone Software announced that AskMe Corp. has acquired a perpetual license to integrate Thunderstone's Texis search software within AskMe's Employee Knowledge Network software solutions.

AskMe creates software that enables corporations to create and manage employee knowledge networks to deliver employee expertise, directly to other employees blocked on critical tasks, exactly when they need it. The Texis search engine within the AskMe Enterprise product helps users to find the expertise they need via sophisticated database searching.

Thunderstone's Texis software also powers the public AskMe expertise search engine. The original AskMe web site is one of the world's most popular expert advice websites for thousands of topics.

"Texis plays a crucial role within our products," said Digvijay Chauhan, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Askme. "The Texis relational structure is unique among search engines, and is key to effective integration with the AskMe SQL applications. We also take advantage of various Texis advanced search features such as fuzzy matching and natural language querying." Texis will be bundled with all AskMe Enterprise systems, said Chauhan.

"The AskMe enterprise solutions highlight Thunderstone's core competency," said John Turnbull, Thunderstone general manager. "Texis is designed with integration in mind. It is the only search engine to incorporate the full SQL data model. That makes it ideally suited to searching data within complex applications, especially those built on top of relational databases, or incorporating real-time updates."

Thunderstone Software LLC is the premier provider of text-search technology integrated with relational database functionality. Applications of Thunderstone's system include publishing, catalogs, classified advertising, auctions, content management, and web-searching. Thunderstone is a 20-year-old company whose products are used on thousands of web sites worldwide. Web sites using the Thunderstone Texis software include,, and For more information, visit or call +1 216-820-2200.

AskMe builds software solutions that enable global 2000 companies to create and manage Employee Knowledge Networks. Employee Knowledge Networks are software systems that deliver employee expertise, directly to other employees blocked on critical tasks, exactly when they need it most. AskMe's solutions enable employees with business-critical problems to discover the best expertise within the organization, facilitate the exchange of that expertise, capture the outcome for re-use, dispatch the best practices to employees who need to know, and provide the tools to analyze the results to make the entire company more effective. Such blue-chip companies including Procter & Gamble, 3Com, and CNA have implemented the company's flagship product, AskMe Enterprise. Founded in 1999 by former Microsoft executives, AskMe is privately held with headquarters in Bellevue, Washington. (

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