Cleveland, March 28, 2002 -- Thunderstone Software announced that its customer eBay has renewed its license for the Texis search engine software. Texis provides the text-search capabilities for the ebay.com service and other eBay Inc. companies.

Texis has been eBay's search engine since before eBay became a household name with its 1998 stock offering. In that time the Texis software has "scaled up" to handle more than 30 million searches a day for eBay, against an ever-changing database of millions of items for sale. eBay.com features that are "powered" by Texis include the "smart search" and "advanced search" pages.

Texis also provides the search and power-search function of eBay's subsidiary Half.com. Texis was the original search engine of Half.com, beginning with its founding in 1999 as an independent company, before its acquisition by eBay.

eBay and Half selected Texis as their search engines because of Texis's superior database-related capabilities. Texis is the only text-search software built on a structured query language (SQL) framework. This provides superior tools for programmers, as well as vastly better performance than the text-search features of other relational database products.

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