The Benefits of Thunderstone's Investment Protection Program

Nobody wants a bad investment. You paid good money for a service, and you don't want to be trapped by a bad decision. Thunderstone helps you unlock the information within your organization while helping you protect the investment you made in a search solution.

The Benefits of Thunderstone's Investment Protection Program

When you work with Thunderstone, you get treated fairly. There's no sudden realization that you need to upgrade to a new version to get what you really wanted. You won't feel forced to comply with unreasonable demands because you don't control a key component of your business.

No, you'll get full ownership of your Thunderstone search solution, meaning you're in charge and won't have to be afraid of being overcharged in the future.

Search Solutions That Grow With Your Organization

With Thunderstone, your company won't be penalized for success. If you are a current client, you won't be charged full price when you need to move up to an upgraded search solution. Instead, you'll only pay the difference between your current search capacity and the level of your new search solution.

Searching for the Right Solution

An investment in Thunderstone is one that allows your search solution to grow with you. Contact us online or give us a call at 216-820-2200 today to talk to one of our experts about a search solution for your organization.

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