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The newest version of Texis, Version 6, is now in full release. New features include:

  • More intuitive searches, including Unicode support and accent insensitive searches.
  • Improved XML/XSLT support, including a new API for building XML based applications more easily.
  • HTTP/1.1 support including gzip compression to reduce crawl times and bandwidth utilization.
  • Enhanced options for showing search results, including multiple snippets and highlighting using CSS styles.
  • Many more... See a full list of Version 6 features here.

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One of the many new features of Texis 6 is styling matches when generating an abstract. Each term in the query can be highlighted in a different style (color, font, etc).
Search results for Historic airport
... On average, the airport will see one Xtra Airways flight per day. References Historic Wendover Airfield FAA Airport Master Record for ENV (Form 5010 PDF) External links Resources ...
This can be especially helpful when using a thesaurus or equivs, as it will help users realize which search terms the hits came from.
Search results for location destination
A large portion of the airport's commercial airline service occurs during the winter and spring months, as the area is a popular tourist destination and seasonal home for snowbirds ...
Highlighting can be done differently with 3 <fmt> flags:
  • %mI - generates CSS code in an inline style attribute at every hit. The highlighting will then not be depend on any external resources.
    • <fmt "%mIH" $query $text> gives:
      ... average, the <span style="background:#ffff66;color:black;font-weight:bold;">airport</span> will see ...
  • %mC - places unique css classes on each search hit. This allows you to apply your own customization by defining the class yourself.
    • <fmt "%mCH" $query $text> gives:
      ... average, the <span class="query queryset2">airport</span> will see ...
  • %mb - the previously existing method that bolds the matches is still supported.
    • <fmt "%mbH" $query $text> gives:
      ... average, the <b>airport</b> will see ...
You can also highlight the query with itself to provide a legend of the highlighting styles as the "search results for" above: <fmt "%mIH" $query $query>

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