Windows Download and Installation

The Windows version of Webinator runs on Windows Server 2008/2012 and later 64-bit versions of Windows. Download and run the installation program setupWebinator-27.0.0-x64.msi from the URL you were given during the registration procedure. (The number 27.0.0 in the filename may differ, if you are downloading a different version.)

During the install you will be prompted for the following choices:

  • Install directory This is the directory where Webinator will place its files and subdirectories. The directory you choose should be inaccessible to your web server (i.e. outside its server and document directories): the install will place the public files of Webinator in your web server tree later.

  • Webinator admin password This is the password that the default Webinator administration account will have. This password is used to control access to your Webinator walks, so choose a password with care, and ensure that only authorized administrators know it. (Once installed, you can create multiple administration accounts with different passwords if you desire, from the web-based admin interface.)

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