Set up the Sender Profile

  • Choose an existing, walkable profile to be the sender. Or go to the Profiles menu item and create one, filling in all fields for a normal walk. We'll assume this profile is called Sender.

  • Go to the All Walk Settings menu item for the Sender profile.

  • Scroll down to Replication Settings.

  • Enter the information for the receiver. In this example, Host IP or Name is localhost because we'll be sending data to the same machine, and Profile Name is Receiver. The page now includes the location of the receiver profile.

  • Click Update and Go button.

  • After a moment, the Walk Status page opens. Notice that there are N items in the replication queue. The number N is similar to the number of pages that were walked. The items remain in the queue, because they cannot be sent until the receiver profile is created (below). Normally, when a receiver profile is present, the contents of the queue are automatically sent to the receiver.

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