Create the Receiver Profile

  • Create a new profile called Receiver via the Profiles menu item. (This matches the receiving profile name we entered on the Sender profile.)

  • At main menu click System, then under System Settings heading, click System Wide Settings.

  • At the Cluster Members field, enter the IP address for each server that will send walk data to this machine. Use a separate line for each entry. In this example, there is one sending IP address, and it is (use IP numbers, not the word localhost). To enable an entire subnet to send data, use an IP prefix and wildcard, e.g. 10.10.*.

  • Click Update button.

  • At main menu, click Profiles.

  • When Profiles page opens, click Sender. A Walk Settings page opens for the Sender profile.

  • Click Walk Status button. The Walk Status page for the Sender profile opens.

  • There are still N items in the replication queue.

  • Click the replication queue link.

  • The items in the replication queue are sent to the Receiver profile. On the Walk Status page, there are now 0 items in the replication queue, which indicates the items were sent.

  • On main menu, click Profiles, click Receiver, click Walk Status and observe that there is a list of pages recently walked. These pages were not walked by Receiver, instead they were obtained from Sender, which performed the walk.

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