Search Settings

This page contains all of the settings related to the search interface that end users see when performing searches.

All search options and their settings are enumerated and may be changed here. Next to each option is a question mark (?) which, if clicked, opens help for that option. The options are documented individually later in this manual in section 4.6.

At the bottom of the page is a set of buttons. Pressing any of the buttons affects all options on the entire page.

  • Update Test This button causes all changes on the form to be saved in the set of test settings, which can be tested via the Test Search link on the left side of the interface. It does not modify the Live Search settings. This allows you to "try out" settings before applying the changes to your live search users' interface.

  • Update Live and Test This button updates both the Live Search and Test Search settings. Use this either after testing out the settings via Update Test, or for small changes that you don't feel the need to test out and immediately want to make live.

  • Copy Live to Test If you try out changes via Test Search and you decide you don't want them, you can use Copy Live to Test to discard the test changes you've made and revert back to the current Live Search settings.

  • Reset This button reverts all settings on the page to what they were when the page was first loaded.

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