• Profile - the name of the profile to save best bets for

  • BestBet - one or more BestBets you want to save, which consist of:

    • id (optional) - the unique id for the best bet you want to update. Don't provide an id if you're creating a best bet

    • GroupName - the best bet group for this best bet

    • Url - the URL for this best bet

    • Keywords - the keywords for this best bet

    • Title - the title for this best bet

    • Description (optional) - the description for this best bet

    • Priority (optional) - the priority for this best bet

  • Success - will be set to ok, indicating the best bets have been accepted.

saveBestBets is used to create or update best bets.

If you specify an id in the best bet, the bestbet of that id will have all its fields replaced.

If you don't specify an id in the best bet, a new best bet will be created, unless a best bet already exists for the same group, URL, and keywords, in which case the other fields are updated.

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