• Profile - the name of the profile to get best bets for

  • GroupName (optional) - the name of the best bet group whose best bets you want to get. If not provided, will return best bets from all the profile's groups

  • Pattern (optional) - the URL pattern of best bets to get. Star can be used to glob, e.g.*. If not provided, best bets for any URL will be returned.


  • BestBet - one or more BestBets are returned, which consist of:

    • id - the unique id for this best bet. Can be used to update or delete this specific best bet.

    • GroupName - the best bet group for this best bet

    • Url - the URL for this best bet

    • Keywords - the keywords for this best bet

    • Title - the title for this best bet

    • Description - the description for this best bet

    • Priority - the priority for this best bet

getBestBets is used to retrieve best bets from a profile. GroupName and Pattern can be used to restrict what best bets are returned.

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