Rewalk Schedule

Syntax: select from drop down boxes

This performs a rewalk on the schedule specified. The rewalk action is the same as the one that can be started manually by clicking the GO button.

The Frequency defines how often to automatically rewalk.

The Hour defines which hour to start the rewalk for daily or weekly runs. You can click to select an hour from the drop-down list, or type in a more granular time (like 3:21 AM).

The Rewalk Type defines what type of walk to perform. By default it uses the current Rewalk Type setting (see 4.4.14), but this allows a scheduled walk to override it.

You can define multiple walk schedules for the same profile by clicking the Add More Schedules link. This gives you more granular control in setting schedules. For example, instead of choosing between once a day and once an hour, you can have a walk launch 3 times a day by making the 3 schedules

  • Daily at 8:00 AM

  • Daily at 12:00 PM

  • Daily at 4:00 PM

To remove a schedule, set its Frequency to -None- or click the red X to the left of the row.

See also End of Walk Email 4.5.2. If you are using "On Change" see also Watch URL 4.5.1.

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