Required Rights for Admin Actions

Certain ACL rights are required for certain administrative actions to be performed. In order to maximize rights-configuration flexibility, some actions require rights on multiple objects. For example, editing settings on a profile requires rights not only on the profile, but also on the setting itself. Note in the object hierarchy (here) that profiles and settings are two "sibling" branches, rather than settings being replicated as descendants of every profile. Thus, profiles and settings can be thought of as a two-dimensional grid for permissions, and a user's rights can be tailored across that grid: access to one setting across all profiles, access to all settings on one profile only, etc.

The rights needed for specific actions are listed below. If a user does not have all of the required rights for an action, either a red Access denied message will be displayed, or (if access still granted to other parts) the affected object may simply not appear (read access denied), or may appear grayed out (write access denied). For more information and some example permission schemes, see the Using Access Control section, here.

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