Reply Format

The response to a Dataload request is an XML document:

    <Info>Not found</Info>
  <Version>Version 5.01.1234567890 20051010 (...)
           2005-10-10 12:34:56</Version>

The elements are:

  • <rid> The replication id. Ignored.

  • <Type> The action type specified in the request.

  • <DP> The number of URLs deleted by a <Type>DP</Type> action. Element is not present for other <Type>.

  • <Status> Result code:

    • OK Success

    • FAIL_UNKNOWNTYPE The <Type> was not recognized

    • NODATA No parseable data in request

    • Not Allowed Sender is not in Cluster Members

    • No Profile No profile set in request POST

    • FAIL Failed, unknown reason

  • <Info> Optional additional message; e.g. Not found if a non-existent URL is deleted

  • <Rows> How many request <Item>s were processed.

  • <Version> Version and release date of the software.

Once data has been successfully loaded onto Webinator, if the profile has any receiver profiles defined under Replication Settings, the data will also be queued for replication to those receivers.

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