Dataload SOAP API

There is a SOAP API available for dataload, allowing you to use a SOAP library to communicate with the Webinator. For an overview of SOAP, Please see the SOAP API (here).

The WSDLs for the dataload API can be found on the Profile Tools page. Providing these WSDLs to whatever tool your language uses, such as Visual Studio's wsdl.exe program, should generate the necessary wrapper class.

The parameters are defined within the WSDL itself, and are generally the same as mentioned above in the Submission Format and Reply Formats, with a few exceptions:

  • The entire transactions are wrapped by SOAP envelops and the top-level elements are called dataload and dataloadResponse instead of ThunderstoneReplicationResult, respectively.

  • The dataload element contains a profile element in addition to all the Items.

C# Example Project

A C# example project is available that demonstrates using both the search and dataload SOAP interfaces. You can find these projects in the texis/samples directory of your installation.

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