This page presents a list of existing profiles. A profile contains the walk and search settings for a collection of pages. The profiles are listed in the order of creation by default; clicking on Name will re-order by profile name. You can click on a profile's name to see and/or change its settings and status or to start a walk.

You can click on Delete next to a profile to delete that profile. You will be asked whether you really want to delete the profile or not.

When a profile is deleted, all of its settings are lost and any walk database it has created is deleted. There is no way to get back any of these items after the profile is deleted. Note: Under Windows it is possible that the walk database will not be completely deleted if there are currently searches being performed on the database. You should not delete a database that is being actively searched. If you do this, you will need to delete the remnants of the database by hand.

You may also create a new profile by entering a new name and data directory.

If Profile Dataspace Roots has been configured, you'll have a set of dataspace prefixes to choose from. Your profile dataspace will be created as a subdirectory of the chosen root.

Otherwise, you'll have a freeform text entry for your data directory. You may not use a data directory that is in use by another profile. You generally specify a nonexistent directory. The directory will be created if it does not already exist.

You can copy settings from an existing profile to your new profile by selecting its name from the drop down list. This allows you to set up another site similar to an existing one. It allows you to experiment with the walk settings for an existing site, without potentially harming the good walk that is being searched by your users.

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