Network Share Access Method

Note: this is always Current on Gen4 appliances, so this setting does not appear in the interface.

Specifies the method to use to directly access network shares (file:// URLs), i.e. for walking and Results Authorization:

  • Current: Use the current method, which is to use the latest helper executable, supporting SMB 1, 2, and 3. Login Info (here) is used for credentials. The Network Share Protocols settings (here) are in effect. No mounts are needed nor used (thus Network Share Mounts Root, here, if available, is also ignored). HTML documents with components (e.g. frames) are not fully supported with this method: the component fetches will return errors. However the components will generally still be walked as separate URLs, if they reside on the same network share/tree as their parent.

  • Legacy: Use the legacy method, which is to use manually-mounted shares (mounted under Network Share Mounts Root, here, if available) for walking, and Results Authorization is only supported for Windows. Neither Login Info (here) nor Network Share Protocols are used. For non-SMB/CIFS filesystems (e.g. NFS), Legacy must be used.

If Proxy (here) is set, this setting has no effect, as the proxy is used instead. If Webinator is not licensed for file:// URLs, or is on Windows (where UNC file paths are used), this setting has no effect (and will not be shown). If the platform Webinator is running on does not support the Current method, this setting has no effect (and will not be shown), as the Legacy method (or UNC file path, for Windows) is used.

When this setting is Legacy, Network Share Protocols (here) is also not in effect or not shown.

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