Login Info

Syntax: name and password

Specify a username and password for sites that require a login to view certain pages. These are used with HTTP Basic, file, Windows NTLM, Negotiate, CAS, SAML/ADFS, and FTP authentication. Other authentication schemes are not supported currently, though many web-based schemes - e.g. a login form - may be accessible with a custom Primer URL (here). Without proper login, protected pages will either result in a error and be skipped, or a "Please login"-type message will show on the walked page.

If this is a Windows domain account, enter both the domain and user name in the Username field, separated by a backslash (\), i.e. MY_DOMAIN\myuser.

Some auth systems may require the syntax myuser@mydomain.com.

Note: If a profile index of protected content has not configured Results Authorization, then the search interface displays hit context and has an option to view the entire text of the page. This allows search users to view "protected" pages without entering a password.

If you're indexing protected content and want to restrict the search interface appropriately, please see (here) for details.

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