Login Info

Syntax: name and password

Specify a username and password for sites that require a login to view certain pages. These are used with HTTP Basic, file, Windows NTLM, Negotiate, CAS, SAML/ADFS, and FTP authentication. Other authentication schemes are not supported currently, though many web-based schemes - e.g. a login form - may be accessible with a custom Primer URL (here). Without proper login, protected pages will either result in a error and be skipped, or a "Please login"-type message will show on the walked page.

If this is a Windows domain account, enter both the domain and user name in the Username field, separated by a backslash (\), i.e. MY_DOMAIN\myuser.

Note: The search interface displays hit context and has an option to view the entire text of the page. This allows search users to view "protected" pages without entering a password.

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