Microsoft IIS

To manually configure Microsoft IIS to map Vortex scripts by file extension (.vs), Vortex version 6, and IIS version 6.0 or later are required. Earlier versions may not map extended-Vortex-syntax URLs (e.g. with /func.html appended) properly. Note that this procedure may already have been performed by the Webinator installation wizard. This procedure should be performed as an administrator.

  1. Open the IIS configuration:

    1. Right-click on My Computer on the desktop.

    2. Select Manage... to open the Computer Management application.

    3. Expand the Services and Applications tree (click on its plus-sign).

    4. Expand the Internet Information Services tree.

  2. Add texis.exe to Web Service Extensions:

    1. Double-click on Web Service Extensions.

    2. If an item named Texis already exists under the Web Service Extension list, double-click it, and click the Required Files tab. Otherwise, if an item named Texis does not already exist under the Web Service Extension list, click the Add a new Web service extension... link and enter Texis into the Extension name: box.

    3. Click Add... on the Properties or New Web Service Extension dialog.

    4. Enter the path to the texis.exe executable in the Path to file: box. This is your Webinator install directory plus \texis.exe, e.g. C:\morph3\texis.exe or "C:\Program Files\Thunderstone Software\Webinator\texis.exe". Double-quote the path if it contains spaces.

    5. Click OK to close the Add file dialog box. The texis.exe path should now be listed under Files: as Allowed, or under Required files:.

    6. Click OK to close the Web Service Extension Properties - Texis or New Web Service Extension dialog box.

  3. Add a file-extension application mapping to the web site:

    1. Expand the Web Sites tree (on the left).

    2. Right-click the appropriate web site.

    3. Select Properties... from the popup menu.

    4. Click the Home Directory tab (at top of dialog).

    5. Click the Configuration... button (lower right).

    6. Scroll through the Application extensions list. If an Extension for .vs (Vortex) already exists, double-click it. If not, click Add... to create one.

    7. In the Executable: box, enter the identical path to the texis.exe executable that you entered above.

    8. In the Extension: box, enter .vs to map Vortex files with that extension in URLs to the texis.exe executable.

    9. Check All verbs and Script engine.

    10. Uncheck Verify that file exists

    11. Click OK to close the Add/Edit Application Extension Mapping dialog.

    12. Click OK to close the Application Configuration dialog.

    13. Click OK to close the ... Web Site Properties dialog.

  4. Close the Computer Management application

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