CGI Mapping by Vortex File Extension

The following sections detail how to manually configure some web servers to run Webinator's Vortex scripts by URL file extension (e.g. .vs or .vsc), instead of by URL directory (e.g. /cgi-bin/texis or /scripts/texis.exe). This will allow URLs such as /webinator/dowalk.vs to be run, instead of /scripts/texis.exe/webinator/dowalk.vs.


  • Windows: if the Texis ISAPI filter/extension is being used (here), this procedure may not be needed, nor does it affect those URLs.

  • This procedure may already have been performed by the Webinator installation wizard (especially under Windows).

  • This procedure requires Vortex version 6 or later, with the default configuration of .vs in Vortex Source Extensions in texis.ini. (Run texis -version from a command prompt to determine your version.)

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