Integration Tools

This page provides tools for integrating the Webinator search interface into your own site. This is related to where you want your search interface to appear, which may be separate from the content that is being indexed.

The Javascript search dropin defines a block of static HTML that can be used to place a search interface for the current profile within any other HTML page.

Copy and paste the HTML code within the gray block into any HTML page, and javascript will place a full search interface within that page. Submitting searches or following links to further search results will stay within that page. Any look and feel customizations applied in the profile will still apply.

Search forms in your own page can use the ThunderstoneForm class, which cause their content to be updated with the search. For example, if a user types in a search for tset and clicks on the Spelling Suggestion test, this will allow the query box to be updated with the now-current query, test.

Note: The Javascript dropin does not support results authorization.

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