• Profile - name of the profile


  • IsRunning - whether or not the walk is currently running, set to true or false.

  • Status - a more detailed represntation of the profile's state.

    Will be one of the following values:

    • Walk Running - a walk is currently running

    • Walk Stopping - The walk is currently in the process of stopping, either by its own decision (no more content to walk) or an external signal ('Stop walk' clicked)

    • Walk Successful - The most recent walk finished successfully. getProfileLog will have more details on what exactly was done

    • Walk Failed - The most recent walk failed. This could mean failed to launch, failed to fetch URLs, failed to find indexable content, etc. getProfileLog will likely have more information

    • Walk Not Running - A walk is not running, and there is no previous walk to show the status for. This only happens on a newly created profile that has never walked.

    • Walks Disabled - A walk is not running and will not be started. Caused by either the profile's Disable Starting Walks or the system-wide Disable Starting All Walks being set

    • Metasearch Profile - This is a metasearch profile, and has no walks to run

Returns information about the profile, currently just whether or not the profile is running.

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