• Force - whether to force recalculating the counts (see "Caching and Forcing" below)


  • Timestamp - When this count was performed

  • Timediff - Number of seconds since this count was performed (see "Caching and Forcing" below)

  • CountTotal - Total number of documents used by all profiles visible to your account

  • CountLimit - Document count limit set by your product's license limit. Set to 0 if unlimited.

  • ProfileCount - provides the document count for a single profile. The profile's name is provided in the name attribute.

getDocumentUsageOverview provides information about how many documents have been indexed by each of your profiles, and how the total compares to your product's license limit.

If there is a New walk occurring in a profile that already has live search data, then the larger of the two document counts is used.

Caching and Forcing

The Document Usage Overview is generated when requested, and then cached. If another request comes within 60 seconds, it will use the same cached information instead of re-calculating every one of the profiles' counts.

If you just performed some action that you know will cause a change in the document count, such as deleting a profile, you can override this behavior and force it to recalculate the totals. If you set Force to Y in the request, the document usage information will be recalculated regardless of when it was previously calculated and cached.

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