Exclude by Field

Syntax: Metamorph query, field to search, what to exclude

This provides more flexible control of what to exclude and how to exclude it. One exclusion per row of controls may be entered; new blank rows will be provided as rows are used. The Metamorph Query column is where a Metamorph query (i.e. a typical search on Webinator) is entered: e.g. several keywords or a regular expression. The Field and Meta Field columns determine what the Metamorph Query searches: if Meta Field is non-blank, that named meta field is searched, otherwise the field selected in Field is searched. The Exclude column controls the action for pages that match the query: Pages and links indicates that both the matching page and its links are to be excluded; Pages only indicates that the matching page is to be excluded but its links are still followed - this is useful for excluding navigation-only pages; Links only indicates that the page is still included but its links are excluded.

See also Exclusions 4.4.9 and Exclusion REX 4.5.22.

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