Additional Fields

Syntax: Name, Type, Searchable, Sortable, Output

The additional fields allow you to add up to three additional fields to the index. These fields can be included in the output (if you use the XML output style), sorted on, and searched on. They are populated with the Data from Field settings (here).

Additional Fields are supported in the full Texis product, but not Webinator-only.

  • Name - specifies the name of the additional field. It also specifies element that will hold the field contents if it is output in XML. The name must be a valid XML element name (may contain only alnum or -_ and must start with a letter or _).

  • Type - specifies the internal storage type for the additional field. Anything can be stored as Text, but if you want to do numeric or date comparisons (such as sorting), you have to use an appropriate data type.

  • Searchable - specifies whether this additional field is directly searchable. This is done with an additional URL parameter that is separate from the normal query. Please see the Additional Fields section of Procedures and Examples, here, for more details.

  • Sortable - specifies whether you allow sorting by this additional field. This is done with the order search parameter. See the Sorting section of Additional Fields, here, for more details.

  • Output - specifies whether this field should be included with the output for XML results. Note that this ONLY refers to XML output, none of the "stock" results styles will include additional fields. If you want an additional field to show up in your search results, you must set Output to Y for the field, use the XSL Stylesheet Results Style, and customize the stylesheet to display the element for the Additional Field.

Note that once Additional Fields are created and used, changing their order or Type may alter other settings that use them, such as Data from Field (here), Index Fields (here) or Compound Index Fields (here).

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