Document Conventions

Webinator runs on Windows Server 2008/2012 and later versions of Windows. This document refers to all versions of Windows simply as Windows.

Webinator runs on many versions of Unix and Unix-like operating systems. This document refers to all variations simply as Unix.

All filesystem and URL paths are based on the default installation location. INSTALLDIR is sometimes used to indicate the directory into which you installed Webinator. The default location for Unix is /usr/local/morph3. The default location for Windows is C:\Program Files\Thunderstone Software\Webinator.

It consists primarily of the Texis binary program and two Vortex scripts that are run by the Texis CGI program on your web server and are accessed from a web browser.

One script provides the administrative interface, another provides the site walker and indexer, and the third provides the search function that end users see.

Since these are all scripts, they are easy to modify to provide the look and feel of your site, or to create custom rules for indexing your site.

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