Cache Content

Syntax: choose from drop down list

Cache Content allows Webinator to store a copy of the content as it walks. In the search interface, a View Cached link will appear by results, which allows users to download the contents directly from Webinator rather than using to the original location.

Matches in the content will be highlighted in cached pages that are HTML documents. The highlighting uses the Context Highlighting setting on the search settings page to style the highlights.

In addition caching content can be useful in situations where the original location is unavailable, either because a server is down or the user does not have access to the file server from a remote location.

The choices for Cache Content are:

  • None (default) - No extra storage of the original content occurs, Webinator only maintains the plain text representation of the results for searching (as it always has).

  • Results Only - While walking, Webinator maintains a copy of the original content. Selecting View Cached from a search result will present that cached copy. Links and references from web pages are left unmodified, pointing back to the original site.

  • Site Mirror - While walking, Webinator maintains a copy of the original content, and also collects and stores auxiliary content used by web pages (images, CSS stylesheets, etc) that isn't normally necessary for Webinator walks.

    When search users select View Cached, links and references on cached web pages are rewritten to point back to Webinator, utilizing the cached versions of these resources. This allows a full cached view of a site to operate when the original site becomes unavailable, instead of presenting a cached web page with lots of broken images and links.

    Note that some complex, dynamic web sites might not be able to be fully mirrored.

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