Attach Logs

This selects the log files to attach to the walk notification. The log files and walk errors are for the period of the refresh walk, and are sent as tab separated files that can be opened with programs such as Excel for further processing.

If the query log is attached it will be cleared after being emailed. This is an alternative to separate query log rotation and emailing and is particularly useful when using mode new for rewalks and you don't want to lose the query log. The query log is compressed for delivery with "zip" if present. If you want to use another program or your zip executable is not where dowalk expects you can modify dowalk and set $zipexe to the full path of your zip program. If your program uses different command line options than zip you'll also need to adjust the <exec> lines where $zipexe is used to accommodate your program. If $zipexe doesn't exist the log will be emailed uncompressed so not having zip won't preclude receiving the logs, though they may be large and be rejected by some email systems due to size. See also Rotate Schedule (section 4.6.5).

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