Apply a License

This allows a license update (obtained from Thunderstone) to be applied to Webinator, to upgrade features or increase limits. A form is provided to accept the license and verify credentials. Only the webinator user can apply a license update, and that account's password must be given again on the form for security. The license is provided either by selecting the file it was saved to via the "License from file" box, or cut-and-pasting it (e.g. from an email) into the "Or copy license text" box.

Hit "Apply License" to apply the license. If the license was installed successfully, the message "License applied successfully" will be shown. If it could not be installed, an error message will be shown.

Note: A full install or upgrade (not just scripts) to Webinator version 6 or later is required for this feature. Also, it must have been enabled in texis.ini via the [License Update] User setting (enabled by installer).

If the license could not be installed, the alternate method is to copy it to a file named license.upd in the install directory (typically /usr/local/morph3 under Unix or C:\Program Files\Thunderstone Software\Webinator under Windows), then from a command prompt, cd to the install dir and run texis -update (Windows) or bin/texis -update (Unix) to apply the license.

Some typical errors that might occur when installing a license from the web form include the following:

  • License update unauthorized The password may be incorrect, or the currently-logged-in user may not be permitted to update licenses (usually must be webinator).

  • Invalid license The license supplied was invalid or unacceptable. Make sure it is a valid Webinator license, not a third-party license (e.g. for the Language Analysis Module). Make sure it was cut-and-pasted cleanly from any email message it was embedded in.

  • Service Not Enabled License updates via the web admin interface were not enabled at install/upgrade time. Use the command-line interface (above).

  • Secure Connection Required A secure (SSL) connection from Webinator to the Texis Monitor process (which manages licenses) could not be established. Use the command-line interface (above).

  • Internal error An internal Texis Monitor error occurred. Use the command-line interface (above).

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