urltext, urllinks - get formatted text, URL links



The urltext function returns the formatted text of the last document fetched by fetch or submit. urllinks returns a list of the document's non-image links, as fully-qualified (i.e. absolute) URLs.

Note: All information about the last fetched document - including formatted text and links - is available from the urlinfo function, here, which is preferred over the obsolescent functions urltext and urllinks. See <urlinfo text> (here) and <urlinfo links> (here) for details.

urltext returns the formatted text of the last-fetched document. urllinks returns a list of its non-image links, in absolute path form.


<fetch "http://www.somesite.com/">
The text is:

The urltext and urllinks functions were added Jan. 15 1997.

If submit is used with TOFILE, then urltext and urllinks will return nothing, because the content was not held in memory for processing.

fetch, submit, urlinfo, urlcp

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