urlcp ftprelativepaths

FTP file paths in URLs are login-dir-relative in Texis version 6. For example, the URL ftp://ftp.acme.org/dir/subdir/file will be obtained with the FTP command GET dir/subdir/file, not GET /dir/subdir/file as in previous versions. For most FTP URLs that are accessed with an anonymous chrooted user, this makes no difference. But for non-chrooted accounts (such as real users), this allows fetching of files from user home directories without having to specify them in the URL. An absolute path can still be given by escaping the slash in the URL, e.g. ftp://ftp.acme.org/%2Fdir/subdir/file.

The version 5 behavior (absolute paths) may be restored with <urlcp ftprelativepaths off> (here) in scripts.

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