Tree View Panel

After opening your .vstrace file, you'll be presented with a tree view of program execution as a series of statements, some containing others. The lines contain multiple fields, which are:

1.047970 490ms ( 1.2%) process.vs:26 <readFormVars> |---1--| |--2-| |--3--| |-----4-----| |----5-------|

  • 1 - The timestamp of when this statement occurred. This is recorded from the start of the Vortex process, not the start of logging. If logging is started after a program has been running 18 seconds, timestamps will start with a value like 18.047970.

  • 2 - The duration of this statement. If this is a function call or a looping statement, it includes the time of all operations inside the function, until the point that the function returns or the loop finishes.

  • 3 - The percentage of the parent's total time that this statement constitutes. If <processPage> takes 3ms and calls <readPage>, which takes 2ms, the latter will show as 66%.

    This allows users to quickly see which statements in a function are more responsible for the collective time of the whole function call.

  • 4 - The Vortex source file and line number this statement came from. A single .vstrace log may span multiple source files if one script <use>s others.

  • 5 - The Vortex source at that line. Not all executed statements exist in the source, such as implicit <return> statements at the end of functions.

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