Functions by Caller Panel

Functions by Caller gives information about every time a given function was invoked. You can look up a function by typing the name and pressing Find Callers, or by double-clicking on a function in the Function Calls panel above.

For every invocation, the panel lists:

  • Timestamp - The timestamp of when this call occurred. This is recorded from the start of the Vortex process, not the start of logging. If logging is started after a program has been running 18 seconds, timestamps will start with a value like 18.047970.

    Duration - The duration of this statement. If this is a function call or a looping statement, it includes the time of all operations inside the function, until the point that the function returns.

    Called By - The parent function that performed the invocation of this function.

Double-clicking on an invocation will expand the Tree View Panel to the point where that call occurred.

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