syscp - set system-specific information



<syscp $what [$arg ...]>

The syscp function sets various system- or OS-level parameters. The $what argument determines what is affected:

  • chdir $dir or cd $dir Change the current working directory to $dir.

  • umask $mode Change the process's umask to $mode, which must be a chmod-style bitmask. These bits are ANDed (masked off) with the mode bits given during file open commands. Added in version 4.00.997400000 20010809.

  • setenv $varname $value [$overwrite]

    Sets each environment variable named by $varname to the corresponding $value. If the environment variable already exists, it will be overwritten, unless the $overwrite argument (if present) is false (i.e. the default is to overwrite). Added in version 3.01.991350000 20010531. Notes:

    • setenv changes the true current process environment, not the Vortex variable(s) of the same name that may have been initialized at start.

    • Vortex variables can be assigned on the command line for a script, so it is not necessary to set the environment to pass variables to a sub-process <EXEC> script.

    • In version 5 and later, the ENVSET option to <EXEC> can be used to set environment vars for just the sub-process being <EXEC>ed, without modifying (with potential side effects) the current process's environment.

  • unsetenv $varname

    Clears environment variable $varname.

  • processdescription $desc  

    Sets process description to $desc (a string). The given value is prefixed with "texis: " and copied to the live process command line, which is generally viewable with ps or Task Manager/Process Explorer. This lets a long-running Vortex script show its current state, task, progress, etc. in a limited but portable and easily visible way. If $desc is empty or unset, the description is cleared and the original command line restored. Setting or clearing a process description has no effect on $cmdlnargs, <vxinfo cmdlnargs>, nor <vxinfo scriptargs>. Returns empty on success, " Truncated" silently if description was set but truncated (limited by original command line length), or "Failed" (and error message reported) on error. Added in version 7.06.1522794000 20180403. See also <sysinfo maxprocessdescriptionlen> (here).

syscp returns an empty string on success, otherwise a string describing the error.


<syscp chdir "/some/other/dir">

The syscp function was added in version 3.01.975700000 20001201.

sysinfo, sysutil

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